whyAfter manny years of seeking we finally found it. We did Kata’s thousands of times. Masters told about secrets and hidden movements, but no one really seemed to know about it. If we vere asked why we did Karate, it was hard to find the answer. It was as if there was more to it. Something was hidden beneath the surface. We started studying, finding answers to the unknown.. From just training Karate, we started to study Karate through chinese medicine, acupuncture, philosophy and other Martial arts. Here we found others with the same interests!

Trough communication across boarders and styles, we worked together to find answers, to gain a deeper understanding of what Martial arts really is. Through studies, and knowledge of Kyusho and other ancient arts we hope to get the right understanding of what the old Masters really had in mind when they created their Kata’s. Through knowledge of Kyusho and other hidden arts, Martial artists will gain bigger understandig of traditional Martial arts, and se clearly what the moves are made for. Kyusho Denmark’s vision is to strengthen the traditional side of Martial arts. Kyusho jutsu is a natural part of all traditional styles, 1 of at least 9 hidden arts that exists in these. Kyusho Denmark is all traditional Martial arts studying together, across boarders, helping each other with the knowledge of each style, and different ways to see things. Once something seemed missing, there was no more interest, was this really it? After Knowing about Kyusho we feel we just seen the surface of something really big!